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Welcome to the Same Sex Wedding Guide. Australias guide for same sex couple who are looking to wed in Australia. Our guide for same sex weddings is created for same sex couples or gay couples in Australia who are looking to have a same sex wedding this is the best place to start. All our wedding providers are gay friendly and thoroughly want to assist in planning your big day.

Same Sex Weddings

Search from over 1000 same sex weddings providers and have everything for your big wedding to ensure your big day is a successful wedding day Our same-sex wedding guide is part of the largest same sex wedding networks and has everything you need when planning your gay wedding in Australia. The same sex wedding guide is the best gay friendly weddings website directory for planning your perfect same sex wedding ceremony. Same Sex Weddings might only be quite new here in Australia, the rest of the world have been celebrating same sex weddings for years now.  Gay wedding or also referred as same sex weddings are now legal, so why wait any longer.

Same Sex Weddings Made Legal

From early January 2018 here in Australia we will be able to celebrate Same-Sex Weddings. It’s official same-sex couples can legally get married in any state or territory in Australia. This will mean in Australia same-sex couples will have the same legal rights as everyone else.

Same Sex Weddings Friendly Providers

Our website showcases all the best gay friendly wedding providers around the country. Our same sex wedding guide can help anyone who is needing to find same sex wedding providers in in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin, Adelaide, and Canberra. We have all types of businesses ranging from celebrants, to photographers for your special day and lots more. Find goods and services from businesses around Australia in our LGBTI friendly business directory & rest assured they won’t discriminate & are not prejudice. Our LGBTI wedding directory is your solution for members of the LGBTI community in Australia. Same sex weddings, are best in a Same sex wedding venue or same sex wedding reception venue or a same sex wedding function venue. Gay wedding venue, or gay friendly wedding venues are not everywhere so be sure to search where your ideal same sex wedding venue is located. Unfortunately not all venues can be a gay wedding venue so don’t take the chance just anywhere. Get started – Gay Weddings are now legal!

Gay Weddings

Gay Weddings Anyone? Our Same Sex Wedding Guide website, will help you find Same Sex friendly and LGBTI owned goods and services businesses around Australia. Find everything from wedding flowers, to caterers, formal hire, bridal dresses, wedding venues, jewellers and honeymoon accommodation. Rainbow Flag Australia says bring on the same sex weddings / gay weddings for those are in a same sex relationship and want to get married. We are your special events directory and your everyday solution to finding gay friendly providers. Gay wedding cars or same sex wedding cars, gay wedding flowers, gay wedding transport, lgbti weddings, lgbti wedding magazine, gay function venues, gay wedding venues, same sex wedding planners. Gay Weddings Australia

Same-Sex Weddings Australia

Find everything from wedding flowers, to caterers, formal hire, bridal dresses, wedding venues, jewellers and honeymoon accommodation. Looking for a suit or wedding dress, a limousine, accommodation or to hiring a catering company, our network here at Same Sex Wedding Guide, along with Rainbow Flag Australia and our Gay Magazine directory has the solution. Whether you’re looking for a function venue, a limo for the day or function venue, the Same-Sex Wedding Guide network will have a gay friendly service provider in your state.

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